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Seasonal fluctuations in demand and production and an inconsistent footfall to some areas of the premises (but not to the others) are symptoms of deeper challenges in asset management.

Some companies sputter instead of buzz, with cash flows, production, and asset utilization ebbing and flowing – leading to great inconsistencies and uncertainties about the future. Matters are further complicated by average or less than average ability to understand the markets. A decision-maker may have a lasting impression that the business is at the mercy of external elements he or she has little control over. Fixed assets, which often constitute a balance sheet’s most valuable items are utilized at half or less than half of total capacity. Sometimes, assets seem to be fully-utilized when they’re actually not – deceptive inefficiencies may give those impressions.

The Seven Wise Men assist its clients to optimize its asset utilization rate right from the planning phase, even before one dirham has been spent.

Whether a company is considering making new investments in capital assets, replacing or expanding current ones, we recommend ways on how to make the most beneficial new investments or how much to reinvest and where.

Anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time.

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When we work on asset management, these are the top priorities on our minds:

  • How well did you analyze market demand's pivots, patterns, and trends?

  • How high are the current inefficiencies, waste, and scrap? What are their root causes?

  • How high are your current levels of fixed assets?

  • Do you hold slow or fast-moving inventories? And what are your inventory costs?

  • What's the company's current production capacity, and return on assets? Are all assets being fully utilized while the rest are placid? And why is it so?


We assist a client to optimize its asset utilization rate right from the planning phase, even before a foot has been set forward.

Key success factors such as conceptual design, space architecture and floor layout have permanent implications on costs, competitiveness, efficiencies, and workflows; they must be directly communicated through sales and marketing. Long-term gains include:

- Maximum asset utilization.

- Optimal mix and usage of permanent and costly assets such as space architecture, types of assets, floor layouts, and workflows.

- Free tied-in capital.

- Communicate unique selling advantages that others can’t copy.

- Less needs for funding, working capital, and short-term financing

- Encourage profitable reinvestments.


  • The Seven Wise Men’s clear-cut approach to evaluating real return on assets, and in quantifying the root causes of inefficiencies and waste and then in proposing innovative solutions (i.e. new products and services, or divesting idle assets, or liquidating obsolete stocks and so on) enable decision-makers to have a truly representative assessment of the status quo.
  • Our neat and clear appraisal enables customers to make informed decisions that aim to use their company’s assets, premises, equipment and surfaces at near, of full capacity.

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