Business plan

When research, analysis, and planning are done by independent people who come from different backgrounds and share little to no common values or perspectives, business plans lose goal-coherence and have a weak sense of purpose and direction.

When we work with you on developing a business plan, these are the top priorities on our minds:

  • Do we have a full and detailed understanding of your project?
  • Does the plan fully integrate the market, management, operations, and financial aspects in order to exploit the full potential?
  • Is the data accurate and realistic and fully supported by evidence, proofs, and precedence?

Since 2007, The Seven Wise Men has provided decision-makers, strategic planners, and marketing managers with enough proofs, evidence, and expected benefits to develop realistic, accurate and visionary initiatives that delivered results right on the mark.

Uniquely, our quantitative analyses can go into details such as the expected volume of transactions, the average value per order and frequency of ordering to name only a few metrics.

The Seven Wise Men assists you to document your business plan in an interesting, crisp and motivational way. We present your business case in an objective and independent way that will impress your potential investors, which may boost your chances of getting funding.

To us, anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time.

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We get the facts. We study them patiently. We apply innovation.

- Tracking the smallest detail for weeks is worth it.

- Securing one more interview is worth it.

- Listening to the faintest whispers is worth it.

- Poring over thousands of documents is worth it.

- Investigating the subtlest gesture is worth it.

- Triple- checking sources is worth it.

- Validating conclusions from multiple angles is worth it.




It'd only take you to answer 2 simple questions to start off:

- What’s your single most important goal for the next twelve months?

- What’s the key obstacle preventing you from reaching that goal?

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