• Assist local economies to build more productive companies and to export strong brands.
  • Assist our customers to rewire their companies for purpose and profit and to realize their full potentials.

To us, anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time.

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Anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time.

Companies hire The Seven Wise Men to access a set of skills or abilities that may not be available in-house. Hiring an advisor can save a company a great deal of money when compared to taking on full-time staff that it may not need over the long-term.

Over more than two decades of experience in 14 countries and clients from 41 nationalities, The Seven Wise Men has molded its know-how into its business model: our team breaks down complex problems into their simpler elements, and then we put matters into perspective in order to identify and eliminate the root causes of challenges. It’s our experience that when people understand the challenge, the solution appears fairly easy.

We only want the best people working for us, and we assign the best of our people to work on our clients’ projects. Looking beyond the simplistic indicators of success, our team looks at broad measures of success that include financial and non-financial results.

We listen well,

We get the facts

We study them patiently,

And then we apply innovation

A sound idea is worth taking a stand for.

The Seven Wise Men takes on board the critical aspects of diverse management styles and cultures in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe.

We believe that aside from making a profit, there are other purposes to doing business that are worthy of attention and are of equal benefit to the company, the business community, and to the economy, citizenship, and nation as a whole.

We envision ourselves assisting local economies to produce competitive companies and exporting world-class brands. Our team has assisted clients to develop their infrastructures, rehabilitate their human resources, and reinvest in their companies in order to come up with new ideas, processes and goods, and services.



Sometimes, decision-makers may be too close to a project to identify the cause of a problem or come up with solutions on their own. Bringing in a consultant can help. An advisor will offer a fresh viewpoint, build consensus and strengthen the commitment to take the necessary corrective action.

An independent, objective and ethical consultant makes it possible to take advantage of opportunities you may not even know exist.

Hard-work and Pragmatism

Our consultants come with the valuable experience they’ve gained by working on many other projects locally and internationally. Chances are, they’ve already dealt with whatever problems or challenges you may be currently facing. They know what works and, just as importantly, what doesn’t.

Our planning moves one step forward at a time while looking at focused on the single most important and long-term goal. To us, every move must eventually contribute to reaching an all-encompassing goal, similar to a cascade of benefits that run through the business in a Domino effect.

We believe that a company operating today to the best of its abilities would already be laying foundations for a prosperous tomorrow.

Energy, Guts, and Character

The Seven Wise Men can support a client who is trying to run with a new idea without taking unnecessary risks. We combine professionalism with character because to us, a sound idea is worth taking a stand for – they self-actualizing, people enjoy the winning feeling and the endless amount of energy it automatically generates.

We work on some of the most interesting projects and cooperates with great customers and attracts talented personnel. We are confident in what we do, which allows us to gain the trust of our team. Internal goodwill manifests itself in the neat and clear way our personnel deal with our clients, earning us the latters’ trust as well.

Businesses know they can depend on us to deliver results.  Our efforts have earned us the credibility, respect, and recognition of clients, peers, and industry because that credibility was earned over time with hard work and sacrifice. Our reputation was achieved by displaying professionalism, commitment, and dependability.


- Tracking the smallest detail for weeks is worth it.

- Securing one more interview is worth it.

- Listening to the faintest whispers is worth it.

- Poring over thousands of documents is worth it.

- Investigating the subtlest gesture is worth it.

- Triple- checking sources is worth it.

- Validating conclusions from multiple angles is worth it.



It'd only take you to answer 2 simple questions to start off:

- What’s your single most important goal for the next twelve months?

- What’s the key obstacle preventing you from reaching that goal?

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