Many investors assign auditors, junior specialists or other parties (who have bias and special interests) to do feasibility studies. While these professionals are qualified to handle parts of a study, other important sections (such as sales and marketing, risk assessment, location analysis and technical feasibility etc.) are beyond their competencies.

Over the decades, we've seen investors make over-inflated investments in buildings and machinery, a fact that left them with very little money for short-term financing, working capital and operating expenses.

When we work on a new feasibility study, these are the top priorities on our minds:

  • How to create and, communicate, added-value?
  • Does the new project make use of innovative technologies, or processes, or products that add value to the company?
  • Does the new investment allow your company to have a presence in markets that it lacks and is in need of, or can make positive use of?
  • Is the new investment managed by highly skilled personnel who add value?
  • Does it provide you with solid and detailed analysis, and a realistic and accurate roadmap to manage the whole project?
  • What are the financial and non-financial factors that will ensure financial stability?

The Seven Wise Men believes that market demand should determine the size of any new investment.

Accurate data, in-depth metrics, ability to predict trends and field experience are key factors that minimize risk exposure, litigation, and initial capital outflow.

If you have important questions that need clear-cut answers, then our team provides objective and independent opinions that are based on proofs, data, and precedence.

With us, you'd realize your project on-time, on-budget, and on-spec. You'd also make your investment more attractive for potential investors.

Our clients use our feasibility studies to manage the project from start to finish. It’s not an academic research paper that will be put away – Each study is a blueprint and a reference point that decision-makers keep going back to, years later.

To us, anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time.

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In our eyes, a feasibility study must act as an analytical tool and a project planner. It must integrate the whole project and realistically quantify the associated risks in order to evaluate the project.



The Seven Wise Men can provide you with the most probable and realistic financial projections and non-financial expectations. We fine-tune approaches and measurements in the research, analysis and planning process to produce results and insights with the most chance of accuracy. We use data analytics to protect from personal-bias, lack of in-depth insights, and to minimize associated risks. Our process ensures that the project’s benefits outweigh the risks.


Our quantitative assessments can go into details such as the expected volume of transactions, the average value per order and frequency of ordering to name only a few key performance measures.

The Seven Wise Men's research team puts in an extra effort to track strategic and operational efficiency benchmarks. Critical bits of info that often make a difference include elements such as the actual capacity of production, asset utilization, lot-size analysis, economies of scale and scope and demand planning and scheduling.

Our research team creates its own data banks and also relies on anonymous data sets provided by our consulting department. The two sets of data are then compared to figures collected from a third source of information (academic research) and then a fourth one (paid research). Cross-checking our findings between at least four data sources enables us to make the most realistic conclusions and projections for your business case. Our ability to tie and correlate specific outcomes to specific events or tasks in direct “Cause/Effect” relationships is the closest thing you can have to reality.


Our clients use our feasibility studies to manage the project from start to finish. It’s not an academic research paper that will be put away – Each study is a blueprint and a reference point that decision-makers keep going back to, years later.

Right from the moment we start working on a new feasibility study, our team keeps a sharper assessment of your chosen industry by having these top priorities on our minds:

- Is that specific particular program (or sub-program) good and technically feasible?

 - What are the long term prospects? And how to hedge risks?

- How big are the relevant incremental gains?

 - What are the expected incremental operating and non- operating costs?


Our approach aims to determine how well the new project fits within the broader strategic plan of the company, how it complements the existing portfolio of assets and the steps to undertake in order to merge and assimilate the new investment into the existing corporate structures. 

  • Does the new project make use of innovative technologies, or processes, or products, or does it have presence in markets that the company lacks and is in need of, or can make positive use of?
  • Is the new investment managed by highly skilled personnel that add value to the company?
  • How long would it take to merge the new investment into the fabric of the company?

We put a frame on short-term programs (new location selection, type of technical equipment, marketing, sales, operations and finance and so on) and how they must contribute to the broader picture. All programs will have a coherent purpose and direction where they all contribute to reduce capital investment, setup costs, eliminate rework needs, maximize success chances and decrease the project’s time-to-profitability.


Our consultants have on-site and project management experience. They appreciate the real-life implications of their recommendations because they were involved in actually launching businesses from scratch in the past. In addition to having outstanding academic backgrounds, our analysts and operational researchers have obtained the best insights into things because they actually saw them grow from the beginning.

We put our wide network with qualified and credible service providers, suppliers, and contractors (in different fields) at your service; and will strengthen your position when negotiating with bankers and potential local investors.


- The choice between 2 assets with unequal lives.          

- Expansion of existing assets.

- Effect of new investment on cash flow and profits.

- Replacement of actual assets.



The way we integrate short-term programs to fit in the broader picture from start to finish ensures that your project has coherent goals and direction, guaranteeing these valuable gains:


  • Reduced needs for initial capital investment
  • Fewer setup costs
  • Preventive control and elimination of the need to rework things
  • Higher quality of finishing
  • Shorter time-to-profitability
  • Maximum chances of success
  • Fewer needs for working capital and short-term financing
  • Strong public image, and community and environment-orientation





When companies pioneer specific initiatives, they control the future direction of that commodity and enjoy higher profits for a longer time. This ability to predict trends is one of our core strengths. It’s a quality that won our customers new sources of revenues and multiplied their market shares.


Since 2007, research and feasibility done by The Seven Wise Men has provided our clients’ decision makers and marketing managers with enough proofs, evidence, and expected benefits to launch many initiatives that became trends in their industries

– Press here to view a summary of the trends we recommended our clients to launch.


Our team considers your targets’ potentials to change attitudes in areas such as:

- Uncertainty avoidance.

- Tolerance toward the disruption of social, cultural and work values.

- Social mobility and climbing up the social ladder.


- Individualism v/s Collectivism.

- Economic disposable income.



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We get the facts. We study them Patiently. We apply innovation.

- Tracking the smallest detail for weeks is worth it.

- Securing one more interview is worth it.

- Listening to the faintest whispers is worth it.

- Poring over thousands of documents is worth it.

- Investigating the subtlest gesture is worth it.

- Triple- checking sources is worth it.

- Validating conclusions from multiple angles is worth it.




It'd only take you to answer 2 simple questions to start off:

- What’s your single most important goal that you need this feasibility study to deliver on?

- What actions are you going to take based on the feasibility study findings?

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