Marketing due diligence customized for the vigilant manager.

No business would ever consider making a substantial investment or acquisition without doing an exhaustive and formal financial due diligence and appropriate risk assessment. Yet, as a matter of fact, the greatest risks for most organizations lie in rarely audited sales and marketing strategies.

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The challenges.

Between 80% and 90% of B2B and B2C companies struggling to set a growth plan attribute their challenges to subpar commercial strategies and processes. Key challenges faced are:

The untouchables

ROI on marketing spending may be low, untouchable and slippery.

Reality check

What marketing "should be" doing versus what marketing "is actually" doing are often 2 very different things.


Commercial planning is often a "ritual thing" only despite statements to the contrary.


Although a marketing strategy may be internally understood, it can be implicit and unclear to external parties.


Some businesses are over-reliant on being price competitive, and over-emphasize short-term and tactical promotions at the detriment of permanent and strategic core programs.

The proof is in the pudding

If a marketing consultant cannot create its own strong marketing strategy and brand, would it do a better job handling other peoples' businesses?

The fix.

A marketing due diligence uncovers potential threats and undisclosed details relating to marketing strategy. The Seven Wise Men checks all boxes:


Explicate a company’s marketing strategy, which is sometimes implicit and unclear.

Flexibile contracts

1, 6, or 12 months contractual options are available.


Suggest actionable solutions in 3 to 4 weeks after our involvement.

Auditing expertise

Provide sales, marketing, or brand audit expertise.


Guarantee speed, quality of work, and high ROI.

On time

Deliver projects as scheduled.

Free proposal and consultation


Deploy over 25 years of experience in the Emirates, the Gulf, and Canada.

A cascade of benefits.

A marketing due diligence conducted by our team guarantees the following:

How it works.

This is how we investigate how marketing strategy affects shareholder value.

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Step 1

Marketing strategy audit

Is there an optimum match of target customers and value propositions?

Step 2

Customer preference audit

Is this brand clearly differentiated from the others?

Step 3

Return audit

Are the market share and profit margins high enough for shareholders?

Step 4

Shareholder value

Is the current strategy leading to high dividends and market value?

Case studies

Multinational shipping agency

Marketing due diligence

Top tourist destination

Marketing strategy / Interim management

International cosmetics brand

Marketing strategy / Interim management

Media appearances and Awards.

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