Feasibility study services in Dubai.

A professional-grade feasibility study tailored for the discerning investor.

The purpose of a feasibility study is to determine whether the proposed project is technically, financially, and operationally feasible within a given set of circumstances.

The findings from a feasibility study provide decision-makers with the information needed to decide whether to move forward with the project, make modifications to the plan, or abandon the idea altogether.

It is a crucial step in the project planning process and helps minimize the risk of investing time and resources into projects that are unlikely to succeed.

The Seven Wise Men’s international award-winning team develops feasibility studies for the discerning investor who demands clear, thorough, and carefully thought answers.

We place extreme care in quantifying future market demand and assessing exposure to risk prior to recommending the right investment size, as well as forecasting an accurate return on investment.

With us, you eliminate any false sense of security, and you get the highest Quality/Price ratio.

In a world of promises, we deliver actions and results.

Trusted by top companies.

Our process

Step 1


Early stage analysis that investigates the project’s concept and assesses critical elements such as new value created and presence in new markets and so on

Step 2


Identify what issues to keep on top of the mind such as technologies to use, long-term prospects and risk-avoidance

Step 3


Conduct market, management, economic, technical, risk and financial analyses in addition to location selection analysis, manpower needs and many others

Step 4


Integrate short-term programs into long-term plans; and how to integrate the project into the fabric of the investor’s porftolio

Step 5


Evaluate different strategic options, recommend the best course of action, and produce project management and fund raising plans

Step 6


Reach a “Go” or “No Go” conclusion

Step 7


Allocate capital, get permits and hire top management

Step 8


Start the project and mobilize manpower and equipment

Eliminate any false sense of security.

A poorly conceived business feasibility study makes an investor believe an investment is safe when in fact, it may not be.

Incomplete facts

A rushed and poorly constructed feasibility assessment that presents incomplete facts or makes false claims is actually worse than having no feasibility report at all.


A feasibility assessment can lack the comprehensive and pragmatic skills to evaluate a project from concept to execution. It's more guess-work than anything else.​

Conflict of interest

Bias in a feasibility report, self-interest, and placing attention on the financial analysis only are detrimental to a project's success.

The solution.

Our reliable business feasibility study reports go beyond flashy spreadsheets and tackle critical questions. They hit the nail on the head on every single level:

Quality/Price ratio

Highest value for money.

Precise risk assessment

Market research

Most reliable and accurate market insights and data.

Free consultation and proposal


Over 25 years of experience in the UAE, the GCC and Canada.

Technical & Non-technical analyses

Full understanding of a project.

Timely delivery

We always commit to deadlines.


Our reports have passed the scrutiny of official government agencies in the UAE and international consulting companies from the first submittal.

A team of planning specialists.

Our team includes an economist, a certified public accountant, a financial analyst, and business and marketing consultants. In addition, a market research manager and technical manager are part of the crew. All are highly qualified and competent planning specialists with a combined 12 decades of experience.

Cost of a feasibility report.

The cost of a feasibility report varies according to the scope of work and client requirements. Having said that, The Seven Wise Men provides the highest Quality/Price ratio.

A team of Planning Specialist
Brand Strategy

What sets us apart.

We understand buying behaviors on a molecular level (i.e., how buyers react to new stimulants, products and services, or technologies). This knowledge directly impacts the likelihood of success for your project, allowing us to provide the most accurate and dependable market sizing, risk exposure assessment, and projections.

How long it takes?

The time needed to complete a feasibility study varies on the scope of work, size of the project, and client requirements. A pre-feasibility report can be delivered in 2 weeks while a full feasibility analysis can take 1 to 6 months.

Sectors we serve.

We have carried out feasibility studies in 11 countries including the UAE and Canada. The sectors we serve are:

Manufacturing, Retail, Tourism and Hospitality, Wellness, Recreation and Leisure, Freight and Logistics, Education, Information Technology, Media, Real Estate and Construction, and Healthcare.

Deliverables: what’s included?


Executive summary, Brief business description and Project description

Economic factors

Other factors

Environmental factors, and Research, Development, and innovation (RDI)

Regulatory and risk analysis

Location analysis

Technical feasibility

Management analysis

Market analysis

Market analysis and market entry strategy

Operational Feasibility

How well the project integrates with existing systems, processes, and operations within the organization

Financial feasibility

Alternative evaluation methods: IRR, NPV and discounted payback

Feasibility recommendations: options


Alternative evaluation methods, feasibility recommendations: options, and conclusions


Do not fall into a false sense of security.

Invest with peace of mind. As a leading feasibility study company in Dubai, each business feasibility study we develop, saves you money and maximizes your project’s success chances in every conceivable way.

Get free sales data, consultation and proposal.

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