Marketing strategy planning: Create new opportunities and memorable identities.

A top marketing strategy creates new market opportunities in addition to finding them.

In essence, marketing is about understanding people. And influencing people’s purchasing behavior is the key to our success and that of our clients’.

In a world of promises, we take actions and get results.

Trusted by top companies.

We stand apart.

At The Seven Wise Men, we prefer to stay away from using jargon. However, we can’t avoid saying that our team is a specialist in strategic marketing plans. To use an analogy; just as a car with poor tires risks having serious accidents; a company without a marketing strategy plan is sure to face grave hazards.

Speed, ROI, and Quality of work

Impress and be impressed by genuinely innovative solutions that come at a fraction of time and many times the impact and returns.


We notice things others don’t and hit targets few can see. The Seven Wise Men develops winning value propositions and unique positioning strategies.


Our team consists of top marketing talent and seasoned achievers.

Acclaimed advisors

Develop cutting-edge marketing strategies that capture the hearts and minds of audience; ones that would win you awards and recognition.

What we are not.

Our service range doesn’t include graphic design, digital marketing, copywriting, SEO and other ancillary media production services
We only focus on providing strategic marketing plans in a variety of sectors
We are not captive of “paper-solutions” and repetitive patterns of what has been experienced in the past, in controlled environments, where patterns repeat themselves

Expert marketing strategists.

Our approach to planning a marketing strategy is fail-safe; here’s why:

Commercial success rests on understanding people behavior and how customers react to new stimulants, and on finding ways to impact attitudes.

These factors are the foundations of an informed foresight, accurate forecasts and risk prevention – Things that we do, consistently:

Elements of a marketing strategy plan.

A strategic marketing plan examines current and upcoming marketing programs that directly influence owner wealth. It poses 5 questions:

Question 1

Where are you at today?

Evaluate the marketing department’s performance and workflows.

Question 2

Where are you planning to be?

Gather and analyze data to set future objectives.

Question 3

How are you planning to get there?

Validate novel ideas and develop detailed action plans.

Question 4

How will you check on progress?

Plan, produce and manage new marketing programs.

Question 5

Who is doing what?

Install control mechanisms to avoid deviations from targets.

Excellence at improving the 3 groups of marketing programs.

The Seven Wise Men does not outsource any part of the marketing strategy to third parties. In-house skilled marketers carry out market research and surveys – they ask the right questions and get valid answers. Our surveyors approach any issue from many different angles to ensure maximum data accuracy and reliability. With us, you get unique and profound insights such as the average value and frequency of orders just to name a few info elements.


Product understanding report

Narrative about product assortment and features.

Market understanding report

Demand driver analysis, market trends and historical sales concentration analyses.

Customer profiling

Target customers, purchase behavior, and market segmentation.

Competitive analysis

Pricing, substitutes, and top competitors and market share.

Differentiation strategy

Value proposition and unique selling features analyses.

Brand identity

Brand experience, key messages and supporting value.

Sales forecasting

Project sales and market share.

Financial objectives

Financial statements.

Action planning

Marketing, distribution, pricing, media and promotion strategies.

Resources needed

Identify resources needed to realize goals.

Success criteria

Benchmarks to reach, key metrics and adjustment tools.

Additional deliverables

Organization structure, operating procedures, location analysis, and creative briefs.

Our methodology.

Swiper demo

Step 1

Assess the situation

We evaluate the marketing department’s performance against potential, as well as workflows inside and in between departments and personnel.

Step 2

Analyze data

We gather profound insights and data internally and externally – this makes it possible to measure current performances against industry standards.

Step 3

Develop a master plan

Validate new ideas and concepts in detail. Align needs and objectives across the various departments and staffs to eliminate gaps and integrate activities and programs. A fully detailed master plan is put together.

Step 4

Implement solutions

IIt is possible for us to assist in managing planning, production, and management of programs to ensure goals are met on-time, per specs and per budget.

Step 5

Set up controls

Put in place control systems prevent deviations from goals pro-actively and to take timely actions.

Top tourist destination

Marketing strategy / Interim management

Multinational kitchen utensils brand

Marketing strategy / Interim management

International cosmetics brand

Marketing strategy / Interim management

Trusted in launching multi-million Dollar projects.

Project NameSectorYear
[Confidential information]Healthcare – A chain of plastic surgery centers2019
Eversheen cosmeticsSkin and hair care products2009
Safeer shopping mallsRetail2007
OXOKitchenware, cooking utensils and homeware2010
Al Majaz WaterfrontTourist destination2008
[Confidential information]Theme park2019
Montreal city, CanadaInternational tourist destination2014
Fitness 4 LifeFitness centers chain and franchise2012
Dreamland aqua parkWaterfront camping site2006

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