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As brand-building consultants, we deliver cutting-edge B2B and B2C solutions that steal the hearts and minds of buyers and make a company stand out from the crowd.

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What we are not.


Our services don’t include creative artwork, digital marketing, or other ancillary media production services.

Work by trial-and-error

We don't test at random and do guess-work, and therefore waste rare and precious time and resources.

The challenges.

Private labels face a number of challenges to elevate their standings and to become strong international brands. Key challenges are:

Glass ceilings

A small number of internationally-recognized brands are produced in Developing Economies.

Excessive price reliance

Innovation is frequently hindered, leading to missed valuable growth and sales prospects due to an excessive focus on competing solely on pricing.

Poor consumer loyalty

Consumers have little to no brand loyalty, as a multitude of businesses prioritize price-based competition over product features and benefits.


The Seven Wise Men provides world-class brand strategy consulting services customized tailored to the domestic market and we are committed to substantive outcomes. Our offering includes:

Flexible agreements

Agreements for 1, 3, 6, 9 or 12 months are available.

Fair compensation

Compensation can be tied to performance*.

Complimentary consultation and proposal

Guaranteed quality

Assured quality of work quality, ROI, and effectiveness.

Fast results

Expect results in 1 month of our involvement*.

Execution of solutions

We can assist in implementing solutions to guarantee results.


More than 25 years of experience locally, in the region and Canada.


* Terms and Conditions apply.

What sets us apart.

In our perspective, a strong brand encompasses a combination of elements, commencing with product design, and progressing to manufacturing, marketing, and customer service.

A cascade of benefits.

What you get for your investment.



Short and long-term objectives

Target positioning

Product or service assortment

Target customers

Purchase behavior analysis

Customer needs, beliefs, and journey.

Market trends

Differentiation strategy

Pricing plan

Brand experience plan

Key message and supporting values, packaging, and visual identity

Success criteria

Awareness, prevalence, value, usage, authenticity, personality, and brand consideration.

Brand equity strategy

Minimum brand expectation, aided awareness, image, and preference.

This is how we do it.

The Seven Wise Men’s “Chrono/Substance™” is a proprietary model resulting from decades of brand-building experience in B2B and B2C environments.

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Step 1

Critical path

We identify the functions that form the path to a strong brand.

Step 2


We align resources to produce the changes required along that path.

Step 3

Realize savings

Our team realizes valuable savings in design costs, customer service costs, production overheads and marketing spend.

Step 4


We arrange to re-invest those savings in brand-building initiatives without the need to invest additional capital, or minimum thereof.

Top tourist destination

Marketing strategy / Interim management

Multinational kitchen utensils brand

Marketing strategy / Interim management

International cosmetics brand

Marketing strategy / Interim management

Trusted in launching multi-million Dollar projects.

Project NameSectorYear
[Confidential information]Healthcare – A chain of plastic surgery centers2019
Eversheen cosmeticsSkin and hair care products2009
Safeer shopping mallsRetail2007
OXOKitchenware, cooking utensils and homeware2010
Al Majaz WaterfrontTourist destination2008
[Confidential information]Theme park2019
Montreal city, CanadaInternational tourist destination2014
Fitness 4 LifeFitness centers chain and franchise2012
Dreamland aqua parkWaterfront camping site2006

Media appearances and Awards.

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