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Marketing Due Diligence

General marketing

Reconnect marketing strategy to shareholder wealth

General Marketing White Paper

General marketing

Business forecasting: how to anticipate things much better

Marketing Audit White Paper

General marketing

Who needs a marketing audit?

Weaknesses in Marketing Planning

General marketing

Weaknesses in marketing planning

Hook Points and the ideas

General marketing

How to create good hook points and ideas that stick in the mind

Innovative Sectors of Pearl Jewelry

General marketing

Innovative sectors to invest in: pearl jewelry

General Marketing in UAE

General marketing

Top investment ideas in the UAE

Food and Beverage Market Research

Market research

Food & beverage market research

Paper Market Research

Market research

Paper market research

Education Market Research

Market research

Education market research

Consumer Behaviour Analysis

Consumer behavior analysis

White paper: the reasons for consumerism

Fashion Market Research

Market research

Fast-fashion market research



Sustainability white paper: the global south faces a fate worse than debt

General Marketing

General marketing

How to build creative clusters: white paper

Image of Planning


White paper: outcomes of globalization

Geo-economics White Paper


White paper: the pushback of the belt and road initiative

Strategic Management

Strategic management

White papers: why broad thinkers win in a specialized world

Energy Audit White Paper

Energy audit

White paper: AI and energy


Domestic economies need more domestic fixed capital investments

Geo-Politics White Paper


The age of empires: white paper


The pros and cons of the next technological revolution (quantum computing)

Investment strategies

The next game-changing investment strategies (part 1 of 4)

Tourism White Paper


100 innovations that transformed tourism

Natural Resources Map


How nations fare in using natural resources


A unique new concept for destination theme parks

General marketing

Return on investment on marketing spend

Strategic management

The relationship between management culture and innovation

Strategic management

A case for taking more business risks – at grassroot level

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