Seasoned executives provide interim management services.

Plans don’t go a long way without successful execution. We can execute solutions and manage projects from start to finish.

We help you avoid costly problems.

Trusted by top companies.

Courage to act on knowledge.

When a new investment project moves into execution stage, The Seven Wise Men adopts a project management approach. We are capable of supervising production, installation and commissioning of new processes and programs, and we can coordinate the works of specialist and multi-disciplinary teams to ensure the final results meet the exact expectations.

Seasoned executives

We can instantly step into leadership roles and have immediate impacts.

Availability and flexibility

We are available on short notice for limited and long term engagements. Our team provides temporary skills and resources, on daily basis.

Pragmatic managers

We bring pragmatic insights in addition to academic knowledge. Our project managers have outstanding track records in building things from the ground up and can lead when things fall apart or need to be taken apart and put back together.

Multi-cultural backgrounds

We bring global but localized expertise. Our team has experience in working with people from 41 nationalities in 11 countries.

Networks of suppliers and service providers

With us, you get access to a curated list of external resources that we have been carefully selecting and vetting to the highest standards in the following fields:

Criteria to select vendors and suppliers.


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Step 1

Feasibility study

Prepare a comprehensive feasibility study for each company or project we’re assigned to manage.

Step 2

Project management schedule

Prepare an action plan to ensure the project is completed on time and on budget.

Step 3

Business set up service

Follow up on licenses and permits on your behalf with relevant authorities, if needed.

Step 4

Location selection and fit out

Can lead efforts to select a new location and to coordinate fit-out works, utilities connections, and the installation of equipment and machinery.

Step 5

Corporate structure

Set organization structure, systems and procedures for all departments like administration, sales and marketing, accounting and finance, security, IT and HR.

Step 6

Mobilize resources

Form a core start up team.

Step 7

Manage suppliers and contractors

Put in place a wide network with qualified contractors and a variety of suppliers.

Step 8

Pre-opening preparations

Manage pre-opening preparations.

Step 9

Temporary management services

Launch the company and its activities.

Step 10

Recruit permanent personnel

Recruit entry, mid-level, and top management.

Step 11

Project progress report

Provide monthly and quarterly reports, a shareholder presentation and an end-of-year report.

Step 12

Management handover

Hand over management to a permanent team of staffs.

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Marketing strategy / Interim management

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Marketing strategy / Interim management

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Marketing strategy / Interim management

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