Business strategy consulting services in Dubai.

Unearth unique opportunities that are nurtured by broad thinking.

A successful business strategy is based on extracting the maximum out of capital, materials, and labor within specific circumstances. Additionally, it involves uncovering gaps and seizing opportunities to introduce new processes and products and services.

The internationally acclaimed team of The Seven Wise Men is renowned for its expertise in crafting unique and risk-free business strategies and business plans.

With a profound understanding of local business practices and cultures, innate resourcefulness and competitiveness, our team is proven to fire up and mobilize entire teams and environments and propel them to unparalleled heights on national or regional levels. When success has been demonstrated on more than  50 occasions, it’s no coincidence – It’s a system.

Companies hire our business consulting services to access a set of skills that may not be available in-house, or to tap into abilities that may be needed on a temporary basis only.

We turn promises into results. Our actions – and awards – speak louder than words.

Trusted by top companies.

Here’s how we do our work.

Step 1

Situation assessment

We evaluate each department’s performance against potential, as well as workflows inside and in between divisions and people. We touch upon key success factors.

Step 2

Data analysis

We collect data and insights from inside and outside the company, allowing us to measure current performances against potentials and benchmarks.

Step 3

Master planning

Ideas are carefully validated, and plans are detailed. Needs and goals are aligned across different divisions and people to eliminate bottlenecks, gaps, and leaks. A master plan and detailed plans are put in place.

Step 4

Execution of solutions

We can manage execution to guarantee results, on-time, and on-budget, as expected.

Step 5

Control systems

We set control mechanisms to identify, on time, future variances from goals along with their root causes. This allows timely actions to remove deviations.

What we are not.


We are not hyper-specialists who are entrenched in their own ways and beliefs.


We are not over-specialists who extend their skills to face uncertainty and fail at exorbitant costs to you.

Over confident

We do not have the over-confidence of over-specialists that induces meltdowns.

The challenges.

Some companies have visions and business plans that lack the practical mechanisms that turn visions into realities. They face key challenges:


Divergent objectives among individuals and departments within the same organization.


Insufficient support structures and mechanisms and frequent divisions and miscommunication.

"Muscle memory"

Some business consultants mentally classify a problem only by superficial and overtly stated features, and then jump right in with memorized procedures that were effective in other workplaces but are highly likely to be inadequate for yours.

Paper solutions

Certain solutions are primarily theoretical and have minimal to no likelihood of practical implementation.

The fix.

The Seven Wise Men provides world-class business strategy consulting services customized tailored to the local market and we are committed to substantive solutions. Our offer includes:

Flexible contracts

Engagements for 1, 3, 6, 9 or 12 months are available.

Fair remuneration

Compensation can be tied to performance. *Terms and conditions apply

Assured quality

Guaranteed work quality, ROI, and efficiency.

Free consulting session and proposal

Prompt results

Results within one month of our engagement*.


Execution of solutions and partnership with the management team.


Over 25 years of expertise in the region, the Gulf and Canada.

Who we are.

Our team includes four seasoned business strategy and process consultants, a supply chain advisor, a certified financial analyst and an HR consultant. Furthermore, the team includes a market research manager and a technical manager. All are highly skilled and competent business analysts and planners boasting a collective experience spanning 120 years.

The cost of a business strategy.

The pricing for a business strategy or business plan depends on the scope of work, number of working days, and client expectations. However, The Seven Wise Men ensures the highest quality-to-price ratio available.

A team of Planning Specialist
Brand Strategy

What sets us apart.

The Seven Wise Men is known for its commitment to excellence and its ability to create streamlined and intuitive ecosystems of performance.

Spark a transformation and mobilize your entire workforce and environment with a business strategy hatched by competitive minds and spirits.

How long does it take?

A high-level business strategy report can be completed within 2 weeks, whereas crafting a masterplan along with detailed working plans may require an additional 2  to 6 weeks.

Sectors we serve.

Our business consultants have devised, executed, and overseen business strategies and business plans across 11 nations, spanning from the U.A.E. to Canada. Our clients encompass Manufacturers,  Retailers, Tourism and Hospitality enterprises, Wellness, Recreation, and Leisure destinations, Freight and Logistics firms, Educational and Healthcare institutions, IT and Media companies, Real Estate and Construction.

What’s included in a strategic business plan.

Analysis of business

History, sector overview, opportunities, and exports.

Historical performance analysis

Organization analysis, manpower, and marketing analyses.

Potential analysis

Potential for exports and for creating new value.

Product and service range analysis

Current and potential product assortment and distribution channels.

Production analysis

Factory layout, scheduling, maintenance, safety, controls, and capital investments.

Quality control analysis

Quality control and packaging.

Strategic position

Current and potential strategic position of the business.

Financial information

Structures and evolutions of expenses, sales, and budgets.


SWOT analysis, priority-setting, strategic alternatives, support, and recommendations.

Resources needed

Identify resources needed to realize goals.

Priorities of needs

Company-level overview and needs per function.

Action plan

Performance indicators and milestones to reach.

Case studies

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Business strategy consulting

Pan-Arab FMCG gardening tools

Business strategy consulting

Online Education - Feasibility study

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Business strategy consulting

Media appearances and Awards.

CEO Fadi Nacouzi business meets

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