Industrial strategy consultancy in Dubai.

Innovative and elegant solutions aimed at complex industrial challenges.

From premises and factory layout and industrial audit to boosting production capacity, we work with businesses in a multitude of industrial sectors to solve a broad range of strategic industrial management issues.

The consulting team at Seven Wise Men offers expert insights on technical analyses, evaluation of techniques and production methods. We deliver elegant and innovative solutions across the following domains:

In a world filled with promises, our currency is action and results.

Trusted by top companies.

Our process

Step 1


Identify the real reasons behind conducting an industrial strategic plan.

Step 2


Pay a visit to the site.

Step 3


Identify key drivers and existing gaps and set boundaries for the scope of work.

Step 4


Document a report (i.e., feasibility study, or audit report) that explores strategic alternatives along with associated costs and advantages/disadvantages per option. Come up with recommendations.

Step 5

Report gains

Quantify gains made and report them to top management.


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The Seven Wise Men focuses exclusively on strategic industrial planning services. We are associates of “Creative Solutions”; the UAE’s pioneering 50-year old industrial management and engineering consultancy. Several features set us apart from the competition.

Internationally-acclaimed experts

Recipients of the prestigious “Fellowship of the Association of Energy Engineers – USA", the first ever in the Middle East & North Africa region.

Patented new technologies

Our technical expert has 4 patents in a variety of fields.

70 years of combined experience

Integrated, functional and elegant solutions.


Pre-qualified consultants for Trakhees.


A team of Planning Specialist
Brand Strategy

Who we are.

The Seven Wise Men’s technical partner fields 45 industrial engineers and technicians.

Why select us.

Our associate technical consultant (Director of Engineering Design and Management) is one of the most decorated individuals in West Asia.

Cost of an industrial strategy.

Pricing an industrial strategy relies on the scope of work, number of working days, and the maturity of the existing infrastructure. However, The Seven Wise Men provides the most effective Quality/Price ratio.

How long it takes.

Typically, a high-level report takes 1 to 3 months, while a  masterplan and detailed operating reports necessitate additional 2 to 3 months.

Deliverables: what’s included?

Technical studies, techniques evaluation, and production methods

Deploying the correct technology is critical for a project to succeed well into the future. This is a key option to create differentiation and distinctiveness.

Digital transformation

Modern digital technologies can raise productivity and can minimize mistakes and incidents. We assist in transiting from traditional systems to advanced technologies

Investment opportunities analysis

In-depth analysis of different opportunities through a tried-and-tested scoring system that accounts for the value of said opportunity, associated processes, and most likely trends.

Implementation plans

Define the needed capacities and the required tasks to accomplish the strategic plan.

Assessment of existing assets

Evaluate the quality and quantity of current assets and their conditions and adequacy.


Identify the most appropriate technology that is adequate for each investment program.

Disruptive thinking

Create an entrepreneurial and technically competent environment that enables corporations to launch and iterate new products and services with agility and competitiveness.

Facility layout/Factory audit

Evaluate premises and factory layout, and factory environment. Conduct a production site analysis and assess infrastructure condition.

Re-development and re-purposing of industrial sites

Disposal of redundant assets

Energy audit

Energy audit and energy conservation plans

Deployment of new industrial assets

Trusted in finding solutions for complex industrial projects.

ExpertiseSelected projects
Sustainability (Green building and commissioning)DP World
Water purity enhancementPort Rashid passenger terminal
Energy saving and chiller managementEmaar
Water managementHotels (Mina Salam and The Palace)
Chiller design and manufacturingUnion Paper Mills
Pump system optimizationVoltas
Mechanical engineering (design and management)Zadco
Low Exergy/ Passive Buildings and living (reduced dependence on electricity)W Hotel and Alif Residences (Palm Jumeirah) a 350Key Hotel and High-end Luxury Apartment
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration (conventional and alternative cooling) technology“Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Cruise Terminal” D P World (2012-2014) currently under review by the EHS –Trakhees in house certification equivalent to LEED – Platinum.
Alternative technologies for occupant comfort and IEQAl Tadawi Medical Centre ( 80-bed multi-speciality hospital)
Thermodynamics and CFD for conceptualizing, devising and evaluating Energy Management solutionsIris Crystal Tower – 271,083 Sq. ft. GFA, 28-storey tower
Innovation through Integrated design process and solutionsAl Khalidia offices and warehouses
System Optimization, Reliability Engineering, Lifecycle Performance EvaluationAl Bagader Trading offices and warehouses (Jebel Ali)
Sustainability and Enhanced Profitability through Customised Solution DevelopmentResidential and Villas
Multi-disciplinary experience from Concept design solution to on-site ConstructionLEED rating assessment and green building pilot compliance for Dubai University Hospital (400-bed, state-of-art hospital and teaching facility)
Hand on approach Commercial/Retail/Sports/Entertainment/ Manufacturing Research Facilities/projects.
Heat and mass transfer
Oil spill control
Marine engineering (design and management)
Algae contrlol
Dredging lake bottom sediments
Odor and sewage treatment


Solve complex industrial challenges.

Let’s talk about elegant and novel solutions.

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