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Lean processes sculpted for those who seek fortresses not castles of sand.

Enhancing a business or marketing process involves identifying and isolating the underlying challenges, bottlenecks, or leaks, which marks halfway progress toward finding a solution. The remaining half lies in implementing changes or revamping the entire system in a practical manner, leading to a new process that is actually faster, more precise, effective, and dependable.

The Seven Wise Men is an international award-winning process improvement consultancy. Our approach tracks down and breaks up complex challenges into smaller and more manageable chunks before solving them and building control systems that ensure problems do not happen again.

Our team’s expertise extends beyond crafting relevant solutions; we are equally committed to ensuring their successful implementation and to guaranteeing measurable and substantial real-world gains. After the initial examination, our clients achieve certification for ISO, TÜV, or any other quality standards they aim for.

Our track records demonstrate that smaller process improvements usually result in improvements of less than 30% while process re-engineering directly result in improvements of more than 30%.

In a world of promises, we bring about tangible actions and concrete results.

Trusted by top companies.

How the system works.

This is how we approach process improvement.

Step 1


Realize the need to improves processes.

Step 2

Set goals

Determine which quality standards to comply with.

Step 3

Set priorities

Identify top priorities and set boundaries to prevent waste of resources.

Step 4

Map processes

Represent workflows graphically.

Step 5

Make initial assessments

Identify gaps between the status quo and benchmarks to aim for.

Step 6

Surveil work

Monitor, on site, how people do their work.

Step 7

Document new processes

Document new and detailed work instructions.

Step 8

Implement new processes

Implement and fine-tune new working procedures.

Step 9

Do an internal audit

Put control systems in place.

Step 10

Get certified

Get certified for the quality standards you require.

Step 11

Hold training workshops

Train people on how to do their jobs using the new ways.

Step 12

Report gains

Report the new gains made to management.

The barriers.

It rarely happens for companies to improve business and marketing processes. Employers end up with costly bottlenecks, gaps, leaks, and waste.

"Fire-fighting" problems

Managers are overwhelmed by the demands of daily administration.

Cutting corners

Staffs circumvent procedures just to expedite work.

High staff turnover

The absence of well-defined systems and procedures complicates their implementation for staff members.

Long lead times

Numerous businesses face extended order-to-delivery times.

The remedy.

The Seven Wise Men has world-class process improvement capabilities tailored to the local market and we are committed to substantive solutions. Our service offering meets different expectations and needs.

Flexible contracts

1, 3, 6, 9 or 12-month options are available.

Free proposal and consultation


Gain internal competitive edges that your competition cannot duplicate.


Over 25 years of experience in the UAE, GCC, and Canada.


Diligence and meticulousness in tracking details.


Clarity, accuracy, and pragmatism.


Timely delivery of projects.

Get to know us.

The Seven Wise Men retains the services of a Balanced Scorecard (BSC) veteran and 2 process experts with a combined experience of 35 years.

We are grounded and recognized achievers who have hands-on experience in analyzing performances of large and smaller teams, as well as revolutionizing performances.

Cost of process improvement.

The cost of improving a process varies according to the scope of work, the number of people involved, and the maturity of the existing organizational structure. However, we do provide the maximum Quality-to-Price ratio.

A team of Planning Specialist
Brand Strategy

Unique advantages.

The more achievements we accumulate, the more nimble and creative we become. We are not hyper-rational individuals, who are set in narrow specializations and single-minded entrenchments.

The Seven Wise Men demonstrates exceptional expertise in the Balanced Scorecard (BSC). Our team has a track record of innovating business and marketing processes across six distinct levels: company, group, division, business unit, plant and cell, and individual.

How much time does it take?

A comprehensive re-engineering of a single system typically involves one month for thorough dissection, analysis, and solution development. Implementation of these solutions may then require an additional two to four weeks.

Minor or moderate process changes requite less time than this.

industries we serve.

We’ve devised, executed, and implemented business and marketing processes across 11 countries, including the Emirates and Canada.

Our clients comprise manufacturers, retailers, tourism and hospitality enterprises, wellness, recreation, and leisure facilities, freight and logistics firms, educational and healthcare organizations, IT and media entities, as well as real estate and construction companies.

Deliverables: what’s included?

Process overview

A narrative description explaining the purpose of the process and relevant data and associated facts.

Process maps

Visual representation of a process outlining key tasks on an intra- and inter-departmental level.

Detailed documents

A narrative description and justification of adjustments needed.

Potential assessments

Assess an individual’s potential to further develop and improve.

Risk analysis

A narrative that identifies risk sources per workstation and sets risk prevention and management tactics.

Control systems

Systems that identify deviations from goals on time, which allow corrective actions to be taken proactively.

Contingency plans

Tactics that allow for uncertainty factors into initial planning.

Implementation plan

An action plan that delimits key phases and associated timelines.

Impact analysis

A report that quantifies gains made due to the new processes and system integration.

Training workshops

Train the personnel on the new business processes and relevant other types of training.


Dashboard to track key processes and to keep tracks on critical workflows.

Multinational bed linen manufacturer Photo

Multinational bed linen manufacturer

Marketing strategy/Process improvement

Stone-cutting factory and sculpture Photo

Stone-cutting factory and sculpture

Process improvement

International Automotive Traders Photo

International automotive traders

Process improvement

Different types of processes.

Marketing processesQuality processes​Risk prevention processes​
Sales processes Manucfacturing processesFranchising processes
Operating processesValue creation processesProposal management processes
Brand-building processesLocation selection processes

Media appearances and Awards.

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