Process improvement for an international automotive trader.

New processes transform operational efficiencies and maximize safety in handling cash.



Explosive growth forced the company to expand very fast without putting in place the right systems and procedures needed to maintain proper operational and quality controls.

In addition, dealing with vast amounts of cash compromised staff safety and proper cash management and accountability.

Management was overwhelmed with daily management of the company and didn’t have the time to do look introspectively.


Our client was a high-end car customization company that imported and exported customized SUVs to hot zones around the world.

Management made substantial investments in advanced technologies such as cloud-based applications and an ERP system to speed up order processing, to control customization costs per vehicle, and to set cost benchmarks.

However, personnel failed to make any meaningful use of these assets because work processes were not mapped, work was fast-paced, and the company lacked qualified human resources.

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