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With a genuine investigative approach, profound multicultural understanding, and exceptional ability to correlate events, we discover pivots, trends, and patterns, anticipating future developments with most accuracy.

The Seven Wise Men is an international award-winning market research firm. Our team has proven abilities to notice things others don’t, getting keyhole views into yet undiscovered opportunities, and actionable insights.

We specialize in market sizing, viability, and forecasting. Since 2007, our research has been instrumental in providing clients with enough proofs, evidence, and expected benefits to launch many initiatives that became trends in their industries.

Our strength lies in our ability to assess how buyers may respond to stimuli and how they adjust their attitudes accordingly. The precise assessment between what’s available today, and what shall be needed in the future (in other words expected and unfulfilled future buyer needs) uncovers market gaps and the most probable directions and realistic projections. 

In a world of promises, we deliver actions and results.

Trusted by top companies.

Market viability and forecasting specialists.

Specialist research

We focus on identifying market gaps, and on analyzing pivots and patterns, in addition to anticipating trends and making some of the most accurate and reliable sales projections.

Cutting-edge tools

Quantitative &/or qualitative data, psychographic and demographic profiling, cross-cultural analysis, concept testing, advanced statistical methods, modelling and decision-making simulations.

In-depth Metrics

Based on proprietary research and benchmarking studies, we provide you with anonymous and critical data such as expected volume of transactions, and average value, and average frequency of orders to name a few metrics only.

Strict quality control

We deploy 7 levels of quality control to ensure the highest levels of fidelity and realism. In addition, we cross-check data from at least 5 different sources to ensure congruence and possible deviations.

Precious nuggets of information.

Many researchers fixate over the rigid processes of collecting data, drowning in details such as sample size, questionnaires and other immovable procedures as if these are the end-goals. While these are essential to structure research; they are far from enough.

We put the focus on where it should be: The quality of data, accuracy and realism instead of fixating over rigid processes.

The key to our success, and yours, is that we pay close attention to the underlying qualitative factors (socio-cultural etc.) that affect the quantitative ones.

A team of Planning Specialist
Benefits of thesevenwisemen services

How long does it take?

A basic market sizing study takes 2 weeks, while more advanced analyses require additional 2 weeks.

Cost of market research.

The cost of a market sizing and viability report depends upon the scope of work and working days needed to gather the required info. The Seven Wise Men offers the best Quality-to-Price ratio.

Get to know us.

Our team includes 1 research analyst, 2 market surveyors, and 1 research director.

All are highly qualified and competent  experts with a combined 45 years of experience. 

The Seven Wise Men doesn’t outsource any part of the market research to external parties, we’re vertically integrated.


Data collection

Collect primary and secondary data.

Industry characteristics

Measure market size, market share analysis, trends, and competitive analyses.

Product or service nature

Design complexity, functionality, and viability of substitutes, and assortment depth.

Buying behavior analysis

Who buys your products and services, and why do they use them, and needs they fill.

Market segmentation

Clusters and characteristics and reasons for market segmentation.

Distribution channels

Performance and goals per channel, point-of-sale and export analyses.

Pricing analysis

Price sensitivity analyses and competitive pricing study.

Media research

Messages and themes, ad effectiveness and media strategy analysis.

Brand strength analysis

Analyses of brand strength, experience, promise, message and supporting values.

Marketing evaluation

Analyses of marketing effectiveness and strategies, and marketing communications.

Business process research

Analyses of business processes and synergies achieved.

Operating process research

Identify current levels of production capacity, and production strategies.

Our methodology.

Step 1

Prepare for project launch

Develop project plan and outline.

Step 2

Collect quantitative information

Conduct interviews and surveys (customers, suppliers, and competitors), and pay for data reports.

Step 3

Collect qualitative data

Conduct in-depth interviews, focus groups, and make observations.

Step 4

Do secondary research

Use the Internet and other types of publications to collect data.

Step 5

Collect historical data

Use a client’s historical data to make inferences.

Step 6

Use in-house data banks

Rely on The Seven Wise Men’s own datasets to cross-check findings.

Step 7

Analyze, triangulate and cross-check data.

Define pivots and trends in the target market, in addition to analyzing purchase behaviors and all other elements of the marketing mix. Process data to come to conclusions.

Step 8


Present findings in an interesting, crisp, and meaningful ways.

The Collective Logo

UAE grocery market size

Market research

Paper Market Research

Cardboard factory

Market research/Feasibility study

Fast-fashion chain of stores

Market research/Feasibility study

Trusted in launching multi-million Dollar projects.

Project NameSectorYear
[Confidential information]Healthcare – A chain of plastic surgery centers2019
Eversheen cosmeticsSkin and hair care products2009
Safeer shopping mallsRetail2007
OXOKitchenware, cooking utensils and homeware2010
Al Majaz WaterfrontTourist destination2008
[Confidential information]Theme park2019
Montreal city, CanadaInternational tourist destination2014
Fitness 4 LifeFitness centers chain and franchise2012
Dreamland aqua parkWaterfront camping site2006

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